What means Neuropsychiatric disorder?

Neuropsychiatric disorders are often associated with challenges in terms of sleeping, learning, speech development, motor skills, mood swings, anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder and sensory processing sensitivity. Neuropsychiatric disorders include ADHD, Autism spectrum and Tourette's.

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What is neuropsychiatric coaching?

Neuropsychiatric coaching offers support to a child, young person, adult, or family and assists in coping with everyday challenges through their own strengths. In addition to basic training in the social, health or educational fields, the coach has studied 30 credits of neuropsychiatric coach training.

What is parents mentoring?

The purpose of parental mentoring is to help parents identify their strengths among their weaknesses. I interact with the parents and the child (-ren) to help the family in a variety of ways. If necessary, I help to fill in the forms and come to the child's or young person's network meetings to support the parent.

Parental mentoring?