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Krista Lomas
Neuropsychiatric coach


lasten neuropsykiatrinen koulutus

Neuropsychiatric Coaching: Child

Individual neuropsychiatric coaching for children and youth.
Neuropsychiatric coaching is suitable for people of all ages with neuropsychiatric symptoms:

  • ADHD
  • Tourette syndrome
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Special linguistic difficulty
  • Learning difficulties

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nepsy valmennus aikuiselle

Neuropsychiatric Coaching: Adult

Neuropsychiatric coaching (nepsy) is a rehabilitative activity that allows the client to get help and support to learn new ways of working and skills in everyday life
as well as in life management.

What happens in a nepsy-training session?

  • I search together with the client for ways to support their memory
  • We can go grocery shopping or visit a library together.
  • Cleaning or organizing together.

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Consultation for education professionals

I offer help, support and information to early childhood education and school staff.
The purpose is to increase early childhood education and school staff
competence in everyday educational situations with children and young people.

  • Supporting the development of a neuropsychiatric child in early childhood education
  • Supporting learning in neuropsychiatric youth
  • Development of learning and play environments for neuropsychiatric children and young people
  • Neuropsychiatric challenges in kindergarten/school

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Experienced expert

The knowledge of an experience expert is needed when developing services and changing attitudes and increasing understanding of neuropsychiatric challenges. The more neurological peculiarities are talked about, the easier it is to accept the difference.

The tasks of an experienced expert are, for example:

  • Experienced trainer in training events or seminars/webinars.
  • Visiting speaker for schools, kindergartens, and family cafes.
  • Interview for a school assignment, for example. thesis.
  • School lecture for children and young people "What the heck is neuropsychiatric (Nepsy)?" A school lecture what I create for students.

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