About me

Neuropsychiatric coach, experience specialist of the Autism Association, mother of three children, spouse, entrepreneur, childhood education specialist and first-time author.

After my middle child was diagnosed with Autism in 2014, I spent all my energy researching everything there is to know about the autism spectrum, ways I can help my child. I had never felt more alone and scared in my life than I did then. However, I decided to swear to myself that I would do anything and everything to help my child.
In the fall of 2015, my firstborn was diagnosed with ADHD, since then there have been a few more diagnoses. In one fell swoop, our life changed into the life of a family with special children.

I knew I would have to learn all about neuropsychiatric challenges to help my children. There is probably not a single information book or nepsy guide that I haven't read. There is no therapy or routine that I haven't tried with my kids. Some were functional and some were complete failures.

Now we live the everyday life of a large family, where two out of three children have a total of seven diagnoses. But in our family, we don't talk about the fact that some family members are "different".
This is what life looks like to us.

"Diagnoses do not define our lives."

Through difficult times, I have found my passion and decided to start the Neuropsychiatric coaching company. Through coaching, I want to bring a lot of positive energy and clarity into the everyday life of children, young people and families. Together we can find strengths and find answers to questions. I am also interested in how early childhood education and school facilities specifically serve children with neuropsychiatric challenges. I would be happy to visit kindergartens and schools for a consultation on these and other issues related to Neuropsychiatric themes.

My mission is to support, reassure and inspire parents of nepsy children. I strongly believe that you are your child's pillar of support and a guide. I am here to create faith in you, to give you tools to help your child. My way of working is pro-life, calm and inspiring.
The most important values are Trust, Equality, Perseverance, Positivity, and Collaboration.

I look forward to meeting you!

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