About me

Krista Lomas

I am a 40-year-old mother of three. My education is Youth & Leisure Instructor and practical nurse. I have also completed Solution-Centered Neuropsychiatric Coach Training. I am an experienced expert in the Autism Association.

My special expertise is parenting, neuropsychiatric disorders, life management, bilingualism in the family, emotional states and emotions.
Työkokemusta varhaiskasvatuksen parissa on kertynyt yli 10-vuotta.

What I listen to, watch and read has a direct impact on my world of thought. That’s why I study on my own time and will update myself in the future as well.

My passion is early childhood education (daycare), schools functional learning and play environments. I mean spaces and places where learning and playing happen. Recently, I have been interested in how early childhood and school facilities specifically serve children with neuropsychiatric challenges. I am happy to have a consultation visit to kindergartens and schools on these as well as other issues related to neuropsychiatric themes.

My working style and method are positive, calm and inspiring. The most important values are Trust, Equality, Unyieldingness, Positivity and Cooperation.

Coaching is also possible in English.

The story behind the company

I have had an interest in childcare since I was very young and that’s why I went to study as a youth & leisure instructor and later as a practical nurse. Then my own children were born and later we encountered neuropsychiatric diagnoses of two children. After the diagnosis, I have lived my own daily life with a special family with all my heart.
In my work in early childhood education (daycare), as in my own family, special language difficulties, ADHD, and other neuropsychiatric challenges have become familiar. Interest in neuropsychiatric challenges arose and the desire to help my own children in the best way possible was great. I finally ended up studying as a solution-focused neuropsychiatric coach in the fall of 2021. Right at the beginning of my studies, the idea that I wanted to start a business as a Nepsy coach became clear to me. The training further strengthened my knowledge of solution focus and I got a lot of concrete tools in my pocket.

Through my coaching, I want to bring a lot of positive energy and joy into the daily lives of you and your family. Together we can find your strengths and find answers to your questions.

My mission is to help neuropsychiatric families, children, and young people as well as professionals.
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