nepsy valmennus aikuiselle

Adult Neuropsychiatric Coaching

Adult neuropsychiatric coaching , is a multi-professional rehabilitation method designed to help people with neuropsychiatric challenges, such as:

  • ADHD
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Tourette syndrome
  • Learning difficulties

Nepsy-coaching is individual, goal-oriented, and functional rehabilitation, which aims to strengthen the person's own resources and support their survival in everyday life. A diagnosis is not required to get into coaching.

Ensimmäisellä valmennuskerralla arvioin asiakkaan tilanteen ja laadimme yhdessä hänen kanssaan toimintasuunnitelman. Suunnitelma sisältää tavoitteet, asiakkaan toiveet ja valmennus aikataulun, joiden avulla pyritään parantamaan henkilön toimintakykyä ja arjen hallintaa.

Nepsy-coaching uses different methods, such as solution-oriented exercises, functional tasks, narrative discussion, positive psychology and learning everyday skills.

Nepsy-coaching has proven to be an effective method for individuals struggling with neuropsychiatric challenges. With the help of rehabilitation, a person can learn new skills, strengthen their own resources, and improve their survival in everyday life.

Nepsy on lyhenne termistä neuropsykiatrisia erityisvaikeuksia (ADHD, Autismikirjo, Touretten oireyhtymä, jne.) omaava henkilö.

Coaching is not therapy, nor is it a support person or assistant activity, although the coaching may use the same elements. Below you can see a few training methods.

What happens in a nepsy-training session?

  • I search together with the client for ways to support their memory
  • Käydään yhdessä asioilla kuten kaupassa tai kirjastossa
  • Cleaning or organizing together.
  • Find ways with the client to deal with social situations, for example, what to do on a date and what to talk about.
  • Go for a walk and talking at the same time.
  • Help the client try new things.
  • Have a chat.
  • Play games.
  • I can assist in visits to the bank, Kela or other offices.
  • Täytetään tärkeitä papereita yhdessä

Access to training and payment

  • You can participate in coaching as a self-paying client.
  • Payment vouchers from specialized medical care, and social work (disability services).
  • Neuropsychiatric coaching is a service with a low threshold, you can participate without a diagnosis.
  • Valmennus on mahdollista toteuttaa kokonaan etänä, kokonaan asiakkaan kanssa sovitussa paikassa tai hybridivalmennuksena.

Prices of training packages

Individual coaching sessions

This is a good option if you are not sure how I can help your child or family.

You pay the hourly cost after each coaching session. One coaching session is 60 min.

Please notice that the first visit is always an evaluation visit, where we discuss your needs and plan future coaching together. The duration of this is about 90 minutes.


5 x Coaching sessions

Neuropsychiatric coaching is often not a one-time help. Working with a client with special needs takes time. Building trust and helping the customer in the right way cannot be rushed.

I offer a 5 x 60 minute coaching package that creates a foundation for a better quality of life in a family with special needs and challenges.

The first visit is always an assessment visit, which lasts about 90 minutes.


10 x Coaching sessions

As I mentioned in the 5 x coaching, coaching a client who needs special support cannot be rushed, going through each situation and finding solutions takes time, so I recommend this 10 x coaching package.

One coaching session is 60 minutes, and the first visit is always an evaluation visit, which lasts about 90 minutes.


Kaikki hinnat sisältävät arvonlisäveron. Suosittelen, että otat minuun yhteyttä keskustellaksesi mikä olisi paras valmennuspaketti sinulle.

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