Neuropsychiatric coaching for children

What is neuropsychiatric coaching?

Neuropsychiatric coaching (nepsy) is a rehabilitative activity that allows the client to get help and support to learn new ways of working and skills in everyday life
as well as in life management.

Nepsy on lyhenne termistä neuropsykiatrisia erityisvaikeuksia (ADHD, ADD, Autismikirjo, Tourette, jne.) omaava henkilö.

Nepsy coaching is not a therapy or assistant activity, although the same elements may be used in the coaching.

I work in the Kerava, Järvenpää, Tuusula and Vantaa areas. The coaching is carried out in the customer's safe environment, for example at home, school or kindergarten.

Valmennus lapselle tai nuorelle

What does Nepsy coaching include?

  • Solution Focus - Targeted and planned coaching
  • Positive Psychology - Strengths and Resources
  • Practicing everyday and life management skills
  • Action control (ERP) skills training
  • Relationship skills and social skills training
  • Supportive and developing coaching

Who is Nepsy coaching for?

Nepsy coaching is suitable for people of all ages with neuropsychiatric symptoms:

  • ADHD
  • Tourette
  • Autism spectrum
  • Special verbal difficulty
  • Learning difficulty

What kind of things can be coached?

  • Taking care of yourself
  • Self-esteem, self-awareness and interaction
  • Control of everyday life
  • Control of time
  • Spare time
  • Holistic well-being, happiness and peace of mind
  • Stress management and strengthening emotional skills

Coaching process

Coaching process

  • The aim is to have a respectful and positive coaching situation.
  • Supporting the client's independence, taking into account his or her resources.
  • Look together at the client's goals and previous success experiences that suit the client's life situation.
  • Every coaching process is unique. In the beginning, I will look at the client's skills, wishes, goals and level of motivation. Write down what the client wants and what he/she wants to achieve (goals). Establish a common operating agreement (action plan).
  • Coaching is done at the client's home, school, kindergarten, Walk & Talk (hobbies, cafe, jogging path). I can also support the client in networks or school/kindergarten meetings.


In coaching I use methods that give the best help to the client:

  • Solution based and resource-focused interviews
  • Narrative questions
  • Drawings to support the conversation
  • Functional methods, for example roleplay
  • Specific tools to support everyday life, for example. agendas, calendars, sensory toys, support images, and picture and power cards
  • Imagination as well as relaxation exercises

Neuropsychiatric coach

Valmennus lapselle tai nuorelle

Sosiaali-, terveys- tai kasvatusalan pohjakoulutuksen lisäksi 30 opintopisteen neuropsykiatrinen valmentajan koulutus. Erityisosaaminen neuropsykiatrisista oireyhtymistä (ADHD, ADD, Asperger, Tourette, Autismikirjo).
A neuropsychiatric coach adheres to ethical principles.

Access to coaching and payments

  • You can participate in the coaching as a self-paying customer.
  • Through special medical care, municipal health rehabilitation care or social work for the disabled with a referral and commitment.
  • Neuropsychiatric coaching is a low-threshold service and can be attended to without the need for a diagnosis.

Interested in neuropsychiatric coaching?
Contact! You can call me directly on 0451417303, we can arrange a free 15 min. telephone consultation and we will find out together whether mentoring is suitable for you and your family. I want to help you move forward. The call does not bind you to anything.

Welcome to neuropsychiatric coaching!

Neuropsychiatric coaching
Kertakäynti 60 min. 80 €

Coaching package 10x60min 750€
Coaching package includes an initial survey, individual coaching meetings and tasks, mid-term and final evaluation. If needed also WhatsUp / email support (response time within 12 hours).

Prices include VAT