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Child Neuropsychiatric Coaching

What is neuropsychiatric coaching for a child?

Neuropsychiatric coaching (nepsy-coaching) for children is specialized coaching that focuses on supporting children with neurological challenges. Coaching will support children to achieve their goals and develop the necessary skills to succeed. Coaching is individually tailored to the child's needs and is designed to help them overcome the challenges associated with their condition.

Here are some key elements that Neuropsychiatric Coaching for a child can include:

Assessment: The coaching process usually begins with an assessment of the child's current skills, strengths, and challenges. This assessment may include cognitive and behavioral assessments, as well as talking with parents.

Goal setting: Based on the assessment, I then work together with your child to identify specific goals that the child would like to achieve. These goals can be related to academic skills, social skills, self-esteem, or other areas of the child's life.

Development of skills: I work with your child to develop and strengthen the skills necessary to achieve the goals. This can include executive skills such as time management and organization, as well as social skills, communication skills and critical thinking skills.

Support and encouragement: I provide ongoing support and encouragement to your child to help them stay motivated and focused on their goals.

Collaboration: I can collaborate with other professionals involved in your child's care, such as therapists, teachers and daycare workers to ensure that your child's needs are addressed holistically.

Who is suitable for nepsy coaching?

Coaching does not require a diagnosis. Coaching is for a child or young person with neuropsychiatric symptoms:

  • ADHD
  • Tourette syndrome
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Special linguistic difficulty
  • Learning difficulties

What happens in a nepsy-training session?

  • I guide the child to find effective ways to tackle everyday challenges.
  • Let's get acquainted and try out concrete aids as support in everyday life, such as daily schedules, calendars, sensory toys, support images, and picture cards.
  • Role play
  • Play games.
  • Have a chat.
  • We do assignments.
  • We can do outside activities such as going for a walk.
  • Try something new.
  • Organize and clean together.
  • We can do homework together or read for exams.
  • Painting, drawing, coloring, or craft.

What is my coaching based on?

  • Focus on solutions
  • Positive psychology
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program)
  • Mindfulness (relaxation exercises)

Access to training and payment

  • You can participate in coaching as a self-paying client.
  • Payment vouchers from specialized medical care, and social work (disability services).
  • Neuropsychiatric coaching is a service with a low threshold, you can participate without a diagnosis.

Prices of training packages

Individual coaching sessions

This is a good option if you are not sure how I can help your child or family.

You pay the hourly cost after each coaching session. One coaching session is 60 min.

Please notice that the first visit is always an evaluation visit, where we discuss your needs and plan future coaching together. The duration of this is about 90 minutes.


5 x Coaching sessions

Neuropsychiatric coaching is often not a one-time help. Working with a client with special needs takes time. Building trust and helping the customer in the right way cannot be rushed.

I offer a 5 x 60 minute coaching package that creates a foundation for a better quality of life in a family with special needs and challenges.

The first visit is always an assessment visit, which lasts about 90 minutes.


10 x Coaching sessions

As I mentioned in the 5 x coaching, coaching a client who needs special support cannot be rushed, going through each situation and finding solutions takes time, so I recommend this 10 x coaching package.

One coaching session is 60 minutes, and the first visit is always an evaluation visit, which lasts about 90 minutes.


Kaikki hinnat sisältävät arvonlisäveron. Suosittelen, että otat minuun yhteyttä keskustellaksesi mikä olisi paras valmennuspaketti sinulle ja perheellesi.

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