can coaching be done online?

Online coaching is possible.

Can you help without a diagnosis?

You can come to Neuropsychiatric coaching with or without a diagnosis.

Can siblings whose sister or brother have neuropsychiatric disorder apply for coaching?

Yes, this will fall under family coaching.

Is there an age limit for neuropsychiatric coaching?

No, I coach children, teenagers, adults and families of all ages.

which locations do you coach?

I work in Kerava, Järvenpää, Tuusula and Vantaa. If necessary, I can also coach outside this area. contact me for more information.

How do I cancel the booked coaching time?

If you can not make it to the scheduled visit, cancel the appointment in time. Cancellation must be made no later than 24 hours before the reserved time. 50% of the price is charged for non-cancelable time. The reserved appointment is primarily canceled by phone.

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