Consultation for education professionals

Consultation for education professionals

Neuropsychiatric coaching is a multidisciplinary collaboration that aims to support a person with neuropsychiatric challenges (ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Tourette's). This support may include guidance on everyday skills, managing social situations or challenges related to studying.
Consultation for professionals offers help, support and information for early childhood education and school staff.
The purpose of the consultation is to increase early childhood education and school staff. competence in everyday educational situations with nepsy-children and young people.

If you are a teacher, assistant or other educational professional who works with children and young people, you can ask me for tips on how professionals could best support people with neuropsychiatric challenges.

Examples of where I could help:

  • How to support the development of a Nepsy-child in early childhood education?
  • Increasing Nepsy-knowledge for teachers and educators
  • Nepsy-training for staff
  • What nepsy means? – School lecture for middle and elementary school students.
  • How to support a Nepsy-youth in studying?
  • A tool for consultation and presentation for staff in the field of education
  • How functional challenges should be considered in school and/or early childhood education
  • What are the alternative methods of operation?
  • Development of learning and play environments for Nepsy children and young people
  • Nepsy-workbook personally for your workplace
  • Various Nepsy-related lectures for teachers and educators

What does Nepsy mean? – School lecture for middle and elementary school students

What Nepsy means? is a lecture I developed for children and young people.
This is a lecture in which I discuss, for example, certain neuropsychiatric syndromes. The purpose of the lecture is to raise awareness of neuropsychiatric challenges or to provide up-to-date information not only for teachers but also for children and young people.

It is important to remember that neuropsychiatric challenges can manifest themselves in very different ways for different people!
My goal is to reduce bullying at school and increase the self-confidence of children and young people. I want to believe that by telling children and young people about special characteristics, this would reduce bullying at school.

Classmates would certainly understand the guy much more if they got used to the idea of being different. When you first hear information, then you get used to the idea and finally different people are accepted. Broadly considered, this could even lead to discrimination, barking, name-calling, using the diagnosis as a joking or barking term. No one is too young to hear that we are many very different people here on Earth and some of the special features can be superpowers.I would love to have such a visit to the endless question opportunity. Children and young people can ask questions that bother them.

The lecture is 45 minutes + 15 minutes for possible questions.

I would love to go around Finnish schools and increase awareness of nepsy. Principals or teachers who are interested in organizing my visit. If you are a parent of a child or a young person of elementary school age, I recommend contacting the principal or teachers at your school and asking them to contact me.


Counseling visits

Counseling visits to kindergarten or school.

Consultation time, depending on the needs of the work community, 1-5 times and 1-2 hours per session.

alk. 90€

Network meeting

Co-operation between the educator and the parents is paramount as the challenges emerge.
If necessary, the neuropsychiatric coach can also be a support in joint meetings between the kindergarten/school and parents (multidisciplinary meeting, tripartite discussion, follow-up and network meeting).

85€ / h.

School lecture for students

I would love to go around schools in Finland and increase Neuropsychiatric knowledge.

Principals and teachers who are interested in organizing my visit. Send an email!

Ask for an offer!

All prices include VAT.

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