Consultation for education professionals

I offer counselling to early childhood education and school staff.
The purpose of the consultation is to increase early childhood education and school staff
competence in educational everyday situations with neuropsychiatric children and young people.

What means Neuropsychiatric disorder?

Nepsy the abbreviation comes from the word neuropsychiatry, which used to mean neuropsychiatric challenges.
Nepsy children are also sometimes referred to as neurobiologically special children or the neurosphere.
About 10% of children and young people in Finland have neuropsychiatric (nepsy) disorders. The neuroscience includes autism spectrum disorder, activity and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and Tourette's syndrome.

Despite their skills, professional educators may encounter situations in their work where they feel helpless and needs support. I encourage myself to be utilized especially in early childhood education and the school world. My intention is to develop and help educational professionals with guidance and educational models that help a nepsy child or young person receives the best and strongest possible support for their learning.

What if the behaviour of a child or young person worries you?

  1. Talk to the parents.
  2. Meet the parents as soon as possible and discuss together how the child / young person could be helped.
  3. Don't be left alone, talk to your colleagues.
  4. Take advantage of other professionals.

Examples of where I could help:

🖊️ Supporting Nepsy child development in early childhood.

🖊️ Support the learning of a young Nepsy person.

🖊️ Operational challenges in a child or adolescent.

🖊️ Nepsy challenges in kindergarten / school.

🖊️ Developing learning environments for Nepsy children and young people.

🖊️ Development of play environments for Nepsy children.


For the consultation visit, I often bring concrete tools to support everyday life, such as various materials for learning emotional skills, picture cards and support pictures (strengths, emotional skills, ERP, familiarization), drawing and writing exercises, games, diaries, sensory tools and ideas for an alternative break.

My consultation visit is a great opportunity for work communities that face daily nepsy challenges. The aim is to support staff and provide a new perspective in supporting the specificity of the child and young person.

Consultation time according to the needs of the work community 1 - 5 times and 1-2 hours.


Co-operation between the educator and the parents is paramount as the challenges emerge.
If necessary, the nepsy coach can also support joint meetings between the kindergarten/school and parents (multidisciplinary meeting, tripartite discussion, follow-up and network meeting).

Nepsy coaching is not a form of therapy, a support person or an assistant activity, although coaching has elements of all three.

Contact! You can call me directly on 0451417303,
The call does not bind you to anything.

Guidance and counseling visits to kindergarten or school €130 60 min.
Network meeting support €80/h.
Prices include VAT.

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