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The knowledge of an experienced expert is needed when starting to develop services, change attitudes and increase understanding of neuropsychiatric challenges. The more neurobiological specificities are talked about, the easier it is to accept differences.

Nepsy stands for special neuropsychiatric difficulties, such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, Tourette's syndrome and learning difficulties. If you have any questions or want to discuss these topics, I am ready to share my experience and knowledge. It is important to remember that each person diagnosed with nepsy is unique, and not all experiences or solutions work the same way for everyone. But I'm trying to help and give tips and advice based on what I've learned from my own experience.

The story of a Nepsy-parent

Personal experience of nepsy everyday life and parenting over a period of 15 years. I have three children, two of whom have diagnoses as many fingers as one hand. Fragile X syndrome, Autism, Mild developmental delay, ADHD, Arfid, Developmental language disorders, learning difficulties and social interaction challenges.

My job is to help and support people by sharing my own experiences and knowledge about neuropsychiatric special difficulties or special family life.

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Tasks where an experienced expert can be used:

  • Experienced trainer in training events or seminars/webinars.
  • Support work.
  • Media influencer (giving interviews to different media).
  • A social media influencer.
  • Visiting speaker for schools, kindergartens, and family cafes.
  • Visitor (public events open to all).
  • In the design and evaluation of the service.
  • Interview for a school assignment, for example. thesis.

Overall, the job of an experience specialist is to help people with their own experience. The most important thing is to listen and offer peer support so that the other person can get help and strength for their own life situation.

Experiential perspective examples:

  • My story (parent of a Nepsy-child)
  • The child's everyday support measures at home
  • Child support measures at school.
  • Child support measures at daycare.
  • Neuropsychiatric disorder and studying.
  • ADHD and relationship (wife's perspective).
  • Sensory sensitivities.
  • Multidiagnosis family
  • Siblings of a neuropsychiatric child.
  • Child caregiver.

Are you looking for a motivating, thought-provoking, inspiring speaker who is an expert in her field for your event?

I still remember the day I walked out of the pediatric neurologist's office. In an instant my whole life had changed, and I had no idea what to do next?
I remember thinking, "Why don't I have someone to tell me what to do next?"
I left the reception with almost no direction - a lot of different papers in my hands, new doctor, and therapy appointments. Crazy and really, my 4-year-old son hadn't changed at all.
He was the same boy as before the diagnosis, only the diagnosis tried to change the mother.

This gave me the idea that I want to help all parents whose child has been diagnosed with nepsy.
My best advice to parents whose child has just been diagnosed - take as much time as you need! So don't rush with support, therapy, and other things. Yes, you can, you will learn, and you can!Krista, mother of two nepsy childrenAre you looking for a motivating, thought-provoking, inspiring speaker who is an expert in her field for your event?

Krista, Mother of 2 Children

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