Family coaching

Family coaching is multidisciplinary coaching that offers support and guidance in the various stages of raising and parenting a nepsy-child. The purpose of the training is to give parents the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to survive in everyday life with a nepsy-child.

Sisältää usein erilaisia valmennusaiheita kuten, diagnoosipolun kulku, vanhemmuus ja perheen arki. Kyse ei ole valmiiden ratkaisujen tarjoamisesta asiakkaille, vaan heidän innostamisesta löytää perheelleen sopivia ratkaisuja yhdessä valmentajan kanssa. Valmennus on kokonaisvaltainen konsepti, joka voi keskittyä eri alueisiin. Hyödynnetään positiiviseen psykologiaan tukeutuvaa ratkaisukeskeistä, joustavaa ja reflektoivaa valmennustapaa.

The most important part of coaching are discussions with all family members together and alone if it is relevant and necessary in the coach's opinion. This is done if family members are unable to speak openly in the presence of others.

Esimerkki tilanteita miksi käännytään perheet kääntyy puoleeni:

  • Family overload in everyday life.
  • Parents are not able to deal with the child's difficult developmental stages alone.
  • Everyday life with a child with neuropsychiatric symptoms is challenging.
  • Aggressive behavior of a child or young person is/has become a problem in the family.
  • Siblings of a Nepsy-child or young person experience symptoms as the family changes.

What happens in a family-coaching session? 

  • As a family, we are looking for new and functional ways of everyday life. And we invest in things that already work in everyday life.
  • Go through family routines
  • Let's practice
  • Let's think about the home organization. I personally have a strong view that an orderly home serve families with nepsy-challenges.
  • We strengthen the internal dynamics of the family by discussing, practicing, and doing.
  • Individual discussions.
  • Let's find something meaningful to do as a family

Jokainen valmennus on oma kokonaisuutensa ja tavoitteet tehdään henkilökohtaisesti perheen tarpeita ajatellen.

Appreciation, interaction, and togetherness: these are the most important goals of family coaching.
Coaching is not a form of therapy, support person or assistant activity, although coaching has elements of all three. Coaching also does not require diagnoses.

Prices of training packages

Individual coaching sessions

This is a good option if you are not sure how I can help your family.

You pay the hourly cost after each coaching session. One coaching session is 60 min.

Please notice that the first visit is always an evaluation visit, where we discuss your needs and plan future coaching together. The duration of this is about 90 minutes.


5 x Coaching sessions

Family coaching is often not a one-time help. Working with a family with special needs takes time. Building trust and helping the family in the right way cannot be rushed.

I offer a 5x 60-minute family coaching package that creates a foundation for a better quality of life in a family with special needs and challenges.

The first visit is always an assessment visit, which lasts about 90 minutes.


10 x Coaching sessions

As I mentioned in the 5x coaching, you can't rush when coaching a family of people who need special support. Going through each situation and finding solutions takes time, so I recommend this 10x coaching package.

One coaching session is 60 minutes, and the first visit is always an evaluation visit, which lasts about 90 minutes.


All prices include VAT, I recommend that you contact me to discuss what would be the best coaching model for your family.

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