Parental mentoring?

Parental mentoring is intended for parents of a child with neuropsychiatric symptoms.
Individually designed, solution-based and goal-oriented coaching.

Does this sound familiar?

  • My child just got a neuropsychiatric diagnosis. What next?
  • I feel like I’m not being heard or listened to.
  • Me and my child do not understand each other.
  • My relationship with my child is very tense.
  • I am really struggling with my special need child.

I offer parental mentoring that structures the family situation.

Parental mentoring?

Has your child just received a neuropsychiatric diagnosis?

Parental mentoring is intended for parents whose child has recently been diagnosed with a neuropsychiatric diagnosis (ADHD, ADD, Autism spectrum, Tourette, etc.). After a diagnosis, it is often difficult to get help with the next steps. I offer my help and support on how you can best help your child, what kind of support you can apply for and where. In coaching, I help parents create their own “toolbox”, This will help parents to find the right tools for a new kind of everyday life.

  • A neuropsychiatric coach can help you fill out the forms
  • Included in network meetings with the support that's needed

For parents that feel in over their head with their neuropsychiatric children

Does everyday life with neuropsychiatric children feel distressing? Do you feel that resources are scarce and that you need advice on various everyday challenges? An outsider is needed to assess the situation.

Coaching format

SURVEYS: In the beginning, the current situation of the family and the needs, wishes and goals of the parents are mapped out.
GOALS: Writing down what parents want to achieve during coaching.
ACTION PLAN: Establish a joint plan and agreement on activities.

Parental mentoring?

Online coaching

If a parent wants coaching remotely, this can be done via phone or video call. As with normal coaching, we also go through the above coaching format remotely with the client, this way we map out where I can best help.

Walk and talk

The client and I can go for a walk during the mentoring. Doing something together creates a more relaxed atmosphere, and clears the mind easier. A parent can bring a pet or a sleeping baby in a carriage.

Are you interested about parental mentoring?
Contact! You can call me directly on 0451417303, we can arrange a free 15 min. telephone consultation and we will find out together whether mentoring is suitable for you and your family. I want to help you move forward. The call does not bind you to anything.

Parent mentoring package €200
The mentoring package includes an initial survey. analysis prepared on the basis of the initial survey, 3 Training meetings, clear instructions, follow-up visit and WhatsUp / email support (response time within 12 hours)

Parental guidance by phone 45 min. €60 (not coaching client)

Prices include VAT.