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Parental Mentoring

What is Perental Mentoring?

Parents mentoring helping and supporting parents in their parenting and educational tasks. Mentoring can include many different elements, such as advice, guidance, encouragement, listening and discussion.

Parental mentoring can be very useful, especially when parents face challenges or uncertainty in raising a child. Mentoring can help parents develop their confidence and skills to better meet their children's needs.

Mentoring can also be useful for parents who face special challenges, such as child rearing problems, a child's illness, or disability. In such situations, mentoring can provide parents with important support and guidance.

The goal of the parent mentoring program I designed is to help parents of nepsy-children and to offer information and advice for the everyday life of families with special children. The parent mentoring program combines personal coaching and the possibility of peer support. Mentoring of parents takes place in person or via video call, and one or two parents can participate in it at the same time.

Mentoring program

  1. Discourse (60min): The initial discourse is an important step because it helps to define the scope and cause of the problem, so that effective solutions and measures can be planned. It also helps to identify potential risks and challenges that may affect the implementation of the plan. The goal is to get as comprehensive a picture as possible of the family's situation or problem, so that an accurate assessment of the necessary measures and resources can be made.We write down what the parents want to achieve during the coaching. Setting a goal helps to clarify what you want to achieve, why it is important and what is needed to achieve it. It motivates and gives direction to activities and helps to prioritize and focus on what is essential.
  2. Plan:Based on the initial survey and the parents' wishes, I create a plan, which helps the parents. I plan ways personally with your family's needs in mind.
  3. Coaching (60-90 min): We go through the plan together. Let's concretize the goals and approve the plan with the parents. During the training, the parents must listen and accept all the ideas I give. You don't have to write anything down (if you don't want to), I will give you a plan and personally created operating instructions after the coaching.
  4. Tracking (60 min): The purpose of the follow-up meeting is to draw attention to the parents' situation and how progress has been made. During the meeting, I ask about the parents' situation and, if necessary, give advice and instructions. I also want to make sure that the parents have followed the agreed instructions and received the help and support they need. In addition, it can provide an opportunity to discuss issues and, if necessary, receive additional instructions or advice.

If you need additional support during coaching, you can always contact me on WhatsApp, by calling or sending an email. (Response time within 12 hours). I want the parent mentoring program to help parents feel safe and confident.

Has your child just received a neuropsychiatric diagnosis?

Vanhempien mentorointiohjelman lisäksi tarjoan apua ja tukea vanhemmille, joiden lapsi on Neuropsykiatrisen (Nepsy) diagnoosipolun alkuvaiheessa. Nepsy valmentajana voin olla apuna lomakkeiden täyttämisessä tai pyydettäessä voin tulla tueksi verkostopalavereihin. Vertaismentorista tukea vanhemmuuteen!


I want the parent mentoring program to help parents feel safe and confident.

The mentoring program lasts about 4 weeks. The price includes all services included in the mentoring program formula (incl. VAT).


All prices include VAT, I recommend that you contact me to discuss what would be the best coaching model for you.

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